LIFE Association’s mission is to provide the best, most up to date information available to
to make INFORMED choices
in the ongoing endeavor of accomplishing each of their goals.


Work/LIFE Balance

Work/LIFE balance is generally the most important goal for full-time workers, especially the self-employed, contractors, and entrepreneurs…..yet it often seems very illusive.

By utilizing the exclusive tools provided to LIFE Members, you may find balance much easier to conquer. Maintaining work/life balance assists in reducing stress and work burn out. Additionally, Members enjoy major cost savings for local family fun, restaurants, vacations, theme parks, condo rentals, cruises, and air fare. LIFE is pleased to provide families with great, affordable opportunities.



Wellness is the act of practicing healthy habits on a regular basis to obtain improved physical and mental health outcomes.

Instead of just surviving, LIFE is providing Members the tools to begin the first steps to the journey of THRIVING.

Members have access to information and savings through the Online Fitness Center, MySmile Guide, SpaFinder and Lifeline Screening.


Health Services

Health Services is the maintenance or improvement of health in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment or care of disease, illness, or other physical impairments.

LIFE offers Members many options for screening, lab tests, negotiated facility and hospital fees and articles in our Newsletter and Updates on this website.

A healthy body is a major contributing factor to business and family success.

Financial Security

Financial Security provides peace of mind when someone is not worried about their income being enough to cover expenses. LIFE is pleased to provide invaluable information on Financial Security through our Newsletters, monthly emails and referrals to various financial programs, seminars, etc.

“Financial Freedom is a mental, emotional and educational process.”

Community Outreach

LIFE Association has a very active Community Outreach program, and we encourage all our Members to participate with us in distributing our Free Pharmacy Card to anyone they choose. Additionally, as leaders of your community we encourage you to participate with your community and to volunteer whenever possible. This offers Members great visibility and opportunities to grow and expand their business.